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“It is said that poets sing and hunters scale mountains primarily for one and the same reason – the thrill of beauty”



This is what awaits you at Tiefenbach hunting farm near Okahandja in Central Namibia.


An outstanding bow hunting experience combined with a world of scenic splendour, fascinating wildlife, and Namibian charm.


Tiefenbach, a 8 000 Ha open savanna farm with dry grass and bush land, offers a hunting enthusiast a truly extraordinary hunting experience.


Manager, owner, Dirk Kotze and his wife Annette will provide first class service to the hunter, whether you are looking for an uncomplicated, elemental approach or for a bit more elegance and luxury.


 Dirk is a bow hunter himself who places value on the conservation of Namibia’s natural fauna and flora.


Bow hunting is the only hunting done at Tiefenbach.  This is done by stalking, from blinds at waterholes or well located lookout points


Successful trophy hunting in Africa requires the guidance of expert professional guides, and we have the best!  Our passion for trophy hunting becomes your success!


The accommodation and traditional cuisine promise to satisfy from the most rugged hunter or to those who simply enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the wonderful wildlife that Tiefenbach has to offer.


Tiefenbach is situated on the B1- 100 miles (130km) north of Windhoek the capital of Namibia, with Okahandja being the nearest town approximately 38 miles (56km) from Tiefenbach.



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