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Tiefenbach caters for the esteemed bow hunter and we pride ourselves as being one of the first bow hunting farms in Namibia with a Namibian registered bow hunting PH.


We have an excellent bow hunting track record and will guarantee satisfaction, due to our excellent blinds and also being a bow hunter personally. 


Tiefenbach delivers quality trophies.  We consistently rank some of the best trophies in the record books of the Namibia Professional Hunting Association.


At Tiefenbach we only hunt during the dark moon phases. 


Due to our level of specialization we only entertain 5 groups of 4 hunters and observers per year.  We utilize 17, mostly pit-blinds and a handful of tree-stands. 


Stalking opportunities are available, but as a rule very hard and difficult to orchestrate. 


 Each hunter is accompanied by an experienced guide, trained and instructed to assist the hunter with shot-placement and the accurate judgment of trophies.


A normal hunting day at Tiefenbach starts with an early Namibian breakfast before the hunters head to the blinds with lunchboxes and equipment. 


Blinds are comfortable and opportunities to hunt and spot game are numerous. 


A bow hunting experience at Tiefenbach is a memory well treasured.

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